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AccentForex Bonus +40% For Each Deposit

AccentForex Bonus +40% For Each Deposit

  1. Link:
  2. Bonus Value: Take advantage of unique opportunity with AccentForex to get “Bonus +40% for Each Deposit” and to earn much more profit with less investments.
  3. Date: All year 2019
  4. Conditon:
  • For all clients
  • For Micro, Mini, STP, Profit Trading Account.
  1. How to get bonus:
  • Open and fund a new Micro, Mini, STP or PROfit account, or just top up your existing trading account with amount of/from USD100 (EUR100)
  • Submit a request in “My Profile” to order “Bonus +40% for Each Deposit”
  • Get “Bonus +40% for Each Deposit” from AccentForex company within 24 hours;
  • Start to work and to earn money on FOREX!
  1. Withdrawal:
  • Withdraw funds from account or internal transfer bring cancel bonus. Bonus will be cancelled in proportion to the size of the balance at time of withdrawal
  1. Description:
  • Bonus funds can be credit to all account types: Micro, STP, Mini and Profit.
  • Bonus available after request from “My Profile”
  • You can’t make any transactions or orders before you request and get bonus +40%
  • Bonus funds available for any deposit that more than $100 (EUR 100)
  • Total amount of Bonus funds can’t be more than $4000 (EUR 4000)
  • There are can be 5 credited bonuses at one account at same time, not more.
  • Since account credited with bonus +40% – it can’t take a part in any other bonus promo
  • Bonus request would be proceed during 24 business hours since it requested
  • Trader can request cancel all bonus funds credited to his account
  • Trader can request cancel negative balance on his account. In this case, all bonus funds would be cancel too.
  • Bonus can’t be transferred with internal transfer
  • Trader can trade bonus as ordinary deposit. Bonus funds support your margin while trading.
  • In case when the balance on trader’s live account became negative and the stop-out happened the bonus funds might be cancelled automatically;
  • Bonus funds is actual during three months after you get it
  • Bonus funds is fully broker owned
  • AccentForex reserves the right to deny bonus credit without any explanation
  • AccentForex reserves the right to cancel all previously accrued bonus funds without any explanation
  • AccentForex have no responsibility (direct or no direct) for the consequences of cancellation (or no charge) bonus funds and encourages disregard bonus funds in the calculation of risk-management and / or trading strategies trader
  • AccentForex can request any additional ID documents or personal data from trader to credit bonus funds
  • AccentForex can change existing terms and conditions without explanation.

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