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Alpari Cashback

Alpari Cashback

  1. Link:
  2. Bonus value:
    • 25% cashback
    • 30% cashback
    • 40% cashback
    • 50% cashback
  3. Date: no expired date
  4. Condition:
    • All Clients who have registered for myAlpari are participants of the Loyalty
    • However, for a few groups of Clients the program has certain limitations. The following groups of Clients fall into this category:
    • Introducing Brokers. Within the program, Introducing Brokers only receive bonus points for their own trading, non-trading and investment operations. They are not awarded points for the activities of the Clients that they have introduced.
    • PAMM Account Managers, who, within the context of the Loyalty Program, do not receive bonus points for trading operations on their investors’ investment accounts. Bonus points are calculated and awarded only on the managers own investment accounts in proportion to their share of the overall volume of trading operations on the PAMM Account. Likewise, managers are awarded and deducted bonus points for their nontrading operations (making deposits or withdrawing funds by themselves).
    • Clients who use Demo accounts. However, these Clients will still receive bonus points in full for operations undertaken on other account types as part of the Loyalty Program
  5. How to get bonus
    • Registering for myAlpari;
    • Opening of a Client’s first trading account. There are no bonus points awarded for opening Demo accounts (see clause 5.7);
    • Making a deposit to a trading or transitory account with a fund transfer. Additional bonus points are awarded for deposits made within three days of registering myAlpari
  6. Withdrawal
    • Bonus points are deducted when funds are withdrawn from myAlpari proportional to the amount that was initially credited
    • In cases where funds are withdrawn from myAlpari within 3 (three) days following registration, the number of points deducted is calculated according to the following formula:
    • Amount of funds withdrawn in USD × 0.2 × coefficient, in line with the current status of Client’s myAlpari
    • Following the end of the 3 (three) day period following registration, the number of points deducted for the withdrawal of funds is calculated according to the following formula:
    • Amount of funds withdrawn in USD × 0.1 × coefficient, in line with the current status of Client’s myAlpari
  7. Description
    • If the Client does not perform any activities whatsoever over a period of 30 days, points will start to be deducted from the bonus account every day at a rate of 5% of the total amount of points present on the account on the day on which points are first deducted
    • Being active means
    • Conducting trading and investing operations. Trading on demo accounts and investment in PAMM Accounts on which no trading operations take place, is not considered as being active
    • The Client making a deposit from an external payment system to his account with the Company
    • Purchasing discounts and exchanging points for cash.
    • After being assigned Premium Status, the following discounts will be available to the client for free: • Refund on commission for ECN accounts — 10%; •
    • Refund on commission for deposits — 100%; The “Refund on commission for ECN accounts” discount must be activated through myAlpari in the “My discounts” section. The “Refund on commission for deposits” discount is activated automatically
    • The Client can exchange points accrued as part of the Loyalty Program for real cash funds which can be withdrawn or used for trading and investment, or they can be exchanged for funds to be used only to purchase Fix-Contracts.
    • The exchange of points for cash funds takes place at a conversion rate of ALP to USD set by the Company and at the Client’s request.
    • The minimum and the maximum amounts of points that can be exchanged per request are indicated on the “Discounts” page of myAlpari
    • No more than 25% of the total amount of bonus points on the Client’s bonus account may be exchanged. Only one request to exchange bonus points to cash can be submitted per week and only one request to exchange bonus point for cash to trade Fix-Contracts may be submitted per week.
    • When creating a request to exchange points for real cash funds, the Client should indicate the account, be it a transitory or trading account, to which the exchanged cash funds will be credited.
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